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Tokenopoly's products support the issuance, pricing and selling  of crypto-tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.


Ensure the right tokens are issued,
to the correct participants,
at the designated time.

Our patent-pending process allows a gap between token sales and token issuing. This gap can be used to perform audits, correct user errors or perform any similar tasks.  

And, unlike "blackhole" issuing processes, we don't leave your users hanging. By issuing placeholder receipts directly to the target wallet, 2-Phaser provides a confirmation to each participant even as the token sale is underway.  

The 2-Phaser flow

A patent-pending 2-phase issuing process for token sales.


During the offering period, participants receive placeholder tokens directly to their ERC20 capable wallets. The sale can be audited or amended before issuing begins.



The issuing process collates the wallet addresses of the participants and issues final tokens in proportion to their current placeholder amounts.


Price contracts in any currency,
with rates from multiple exchanges,
and updates triggered dynamically.

We offer a dynamic, configurable, off-blockchain hosted service that can denominate contracts in other currencies. Using bounded median pricing logic with automatic culling of outliers and multiple event triggers, our service efficiently keeps prices up to date based on the current rates of exchange.

Specify your update triggers based on time frame, maximum price swing or percentage swing, and our logic will dynamically keep the contract in adherence to those ranges while simultaneously minimizing blockchain events and transaction fees. 


Allow participation from any
BIP-44 compliant currency.

We integrate with best-of-breed on- and off-blockchain service providers to allow flexibility and choice of source currency for participants. This is different from and complementary to ShapeShift and similar exchange-based approaches.

Tokenopoly offers a simplified way of managing multiple wallets with distinct currencies. Combined with Denominator's exchange price-checking functionality, you can now accept coins without converting them and still ensure all participants get the same underlying price.