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We are a small group of professionals with diverse backgrounds who came together around a shared vision.

Moved by the advent of public blockchains, we saw the possibility of building an "exchangeless exchange" that facilitates trade.


Socially responsible, we look to strengthen existing supply chains with features like certification validation and fairness.

Inspired by the vision of Fair Trade™ and also of organic foods, we see partnerships and technology, consciously wielded, as valuable supports to those movements.


With our software development team based in the Pacific Northwest, Vancouver, British Columbia is a perfect home.

Canada has a sane and sound approach to regulating emergent blockchain technologies and we see a great opportunity to be exemplary members of the community.


From the start our team has been globally distributed and blessed by excellent advisors and first-class service providers. Partnerships like these multiply our impact, and we are thrilled to keep working this way.


Talent plus skills honed through practice leads to quality. Using best-of-breed tools and processes, we take pride in our work. Doing what we love, we have fun while we're at it.