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Financial Technology

Tokenopoly leverages technology to implement proven economic models.


Public blockchains have created buzz in the retail space.
The current generation, however, are not ideal for most retail transactions. 

Meanwhile, there's a quieter revolution going on in commerce.
The inherently tradable aspects of tokens and the decentralized nature of blockchain are beneficial counterparts of traditional, centralized exchanges.
These qualities make public blockchains well-suited to a new approach to wholesale trade.

Commodity Exchange

Exchanges bring the benefits of liquidity, transparency and price signaling that are hallmarks of free markets.

Unlike traditional, centralized exchanges, blockchain-based trading platforms do not require intermediaries.

Along with lower overhead, disintermediation allows non-discriminatory participation to all who are interested.

Tokenopoly's blockchain platform opens a new venue for exchanging pre-existing agreements. Extending these agreements, in tradable form, we can tap previously inaccessible niche markets.

Blockchain-based Trading

The Tokenopoly platform leverages the inherently tradable nature of tokens and the decentralized aspects of blockchains to offer a counterpart for traditional, centralized exchanges. 

The Tokenopoly blockchain-based platform serves as a bridge between over-the-counter agreements and the market that can price them. Applicable to a broad class of agreements, it enables trading in both traditional and novel products.

The lower overhead of public blockchain infrastructure allows the Tokenopoly platform to transform products with modest global trading volume into emergent commodities.

The Tokenopoly Platform

With broader distribution and lower overhead, previously
illiquid products can be traded, bringing them the
benefits of transparency, efficient pricing
and market signaling.

Companies gauge how much to produce.
Consumers benefit from stabilized prices.
Investors gain access to a new asset class.

Overall, public blockchains are well-suited
to this kind of commercial buying and selling.

The Mountaintop

Leverage and extend

Blockchains are undergoing rapid development and evolution. The global Ethereum ecosystem, with support for smart contracts, enables custom applications with broad user adoption. 

Tokenopoly leverages that infrastructure and extends it with a patent-pending token-issuing process and scalable on- and off-blockchain systems and integrations.

See our products page for details or contact us directly for more information.